Fire Calls

The 69 house had a busy 2012. We ended the year with 291 calls. Good job by all. Year to date 69 house has 73 calls so far for 2013.

On 1/10/12 at 07:40 Am. Company 69 was dispatched for a structure fire with entrapment at 1319 Broadway Blvd. Chief 69 went responding. Berks advised Chief 69 from the caller there was smoke coming out of the second floor window and the residents where still inside. Chief 69 arrived on location and made it a working fire and reported everyone was out and called for the city for R.I.T. Engine 69 arrived on location with Driver Russ B, Assist 69, Lt 69-1, on board. Crew went in service with 1 3/4 line to the second floor bedroom. Hose crew was led by Assist 69, with Lt 69, Deputy 42 for back up. Tower 42 put ladders up around building. Crews keep the fire to the bedroom. Fire was under control in 30 min. Good job by all and thank you for the assist. Companies on the call 69, 42, 64, 36, City Car 3, City Ladder 1, City Engine 4 for R.I.T.

2010 we ended the year with 249 calls. Year to date (2011) we are at 265 calls.This was the busiest year to date for Station 69. Good job by all

On February 4 2012 was a busy day for the 69 house. At 1430 company 69 was dispatched for Engine 69 to assist compamy 36 (Shillington) on a possible structure fire at 312 N Waverly St for black smoke coming out of chimney. Chief 36 slowed and hold the assignment. Engine 69 stood by at station. Problem was with the oil burner company’s where recalled per chief 36. Around 1800 company’s 64,79,69 where dispatched to assist company 64 (West Reading) for a kitchen fire at 113 S 5th Ave. Crews arrived and found the home owner put the fire out. Crew’s checked for extention and also vented the structures on either side of the fire building. Around 2200 company’s 69,42,36, Ems where dispatched to 947 Fern Ave for a possible struture fire with entrapment. Chief 69 got on location and made it a working fire everyone is out. 69 crew went in service with 1 3/4 to the rear of the building. Line was lead by FF Baker and Assist Chief Hart. Lt Okonski and FF Schweitzer went to the basement. Good job by all and thank you for the asstist.